By: Lizzy | October 18, 2016

Time seems to have flown past since our last Light Prints discussion group in July. Several months have disappeared in a blur of holiday adventures and back-to-school preparations, but I couldn't let us reach our November event without sharing at least a few words about our last session.

 The House on Mango Street is a book that I loved reading. The author (Sandra Cisneros) is a poet at heart, whose surprising and playful combinations of words and imagery I found a real delight to encounter. I am aware, however, that not everyone finds poetry a joy to read and I was grateful to those people who attended our last discussion group having really struggled with the author's style and the challenges that it presented. It takes perseverance to step out of our comfort zones and tackle books that don't easily sit within our preferred  genres or styles of writing. However, it is often when embarking on uncharted territory (even if it is only between the pages of a book) that we discover most - about both ourselves and other ways of viewing the world. 

So thank you to all those who joined us for our last discussion session, with especial gratitude to those who were willing to step outside of their usual reading habits and try something a little different.

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